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Overland Trail Museum

When you pass through the doors of the Overland Trail Museum, its like a walk back in time. Its a time machine, a tangible photo album of how things used to be.
Memories of the Overland Trail are kept in pristine condition thanks to the hard work of its dedicated curators.
Its the communitys history, well preserved for future generation to see and experience the birth, struggles and triumphs of past generations.
Patrons will develop a new feel on how life was generations ago when all the convenience of the modern world which we now enjoy are nonexistent.
A fireplace built using petrified wood welcomes patrons as they enter the front room built in 1936. Vintage rifles and an assortment of taxidermy animals greet you.
Items we have here were items the first settlers brought with them and items donated by their families, said museum curator Kay Rich. This museum has so much!
Built in 1965, the first addition in the museum is the downstairs area which exhibits a two-headed calf, a crowd favorite.
From the old courthouse to the existing one, photos of the old Sterling downtown district is a site to see as it fills the hallways of the museum.
The transformation of Sterling and nearby towns is well documented in the photographs and gives the viewers a glance of the past.
Tourist and locals alike are amazed by the museums collection of vintage clothing, electronics such as radios, television sets and phonographs.
This museum has something for everyone, such as a collection of handmade toys and dolls, some looking like they just came out of their boxes.
The rural electrification exhibit was dedicated to Dave Hamil in 2002 and was made possible with the help of public donations and grants.
Trees, native grasses and wildflowers can be seen on the grounds with a well-shaded picnic area offers an idea resting place.
Scattered throughout the grounds are pieces of pioneer farm machinery provide patrons with a glimpse on how farming was done back in the homestead days.
The Village exhibit is a collection of several buildings which include the Stoney Buttes one-room school, a county Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Church, Dailey Country Store, a blacksmith shop, a barbershop and a print shop.
For information on hours and fees call (970)522-3895.