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Overland Trail Museum


When you pass through the doors of the Overland Trail Museum, it is like traveling back in time.  The museum is like a photo album of how things used to be.

Logan County’s history—its beginnings, struggles and triumphs—are well preserved at the museum.  Thanks to the hard work of the employees, the antiques remain in original condition.

Visitors can grasp a feel for how life was in the past when modern technology was nonexistent.

The Overland Trail Museum has something for everyone. Vintage clothing, antique electronics, old television sets and phonographs are favorites among visitors.  A collection of handmade toys and dolls contains a many friendly faces.

A fireplace built in 1936 out of petrified wood gives the front room of the museum a warm, welcoming feel.  Vintage rifles, an assortment of taxidermy animals decorate the space.

Old photos of downtown Sterling line the hallways of the museum.  Viewers can observe the visual transformation of Sterling and surrounding towns in such photos.

“Items we have here were items the first settlers brought with them and items donated by their families,” Kay Rich, the museum curator, said. “This museum has so much!”

Trees, native grasses and wildflowers line the grounds. A well-shaded picnic area offers an ideal resting place.
Pioneer farm machinery right off of homesteads is scattered throughout the lawn.

The village exhibit is a collection of several buildings including the original Stoney Buttes one-room school, the white county Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Church, the Dailey Country Store, a blacksmith shop, a barbershop and a print shop.

The first addition to the museum, the downstairs, was built in 1965.  This area exhibits a two-headed calf, a crowd favorite.

The rural electrification exhibit, dedicated to Dave Hamil, was added in 2002 with the help of public donations and grants.

The Overland Trail Museum is open year-round and hosts many local events and festivals.
For information on hours and fees call (970)522-3895.