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SBDC April Event Watch


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April 30th

Website 101: Build a Website in 90 Minutes 

Hudson, CO

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join Amie Benson of the Small Business Development Center for this great workshop! 

During this workshop the SBDC will walk you through the process to create a basic website. In about 90 minutes, you will have a fully functional 3 page website.

Are You: Frustrated that you don’t have a website? Overwhelmed with the idea of managing your own site? Discouraged because you don’t know how to create a website? Tired of potential customers not finding you online?

You Will Discover How To: create a 3 page basic website, edit, add, and remove content, and upload images from your files or utilize stock photos provided.  

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May 7th

Strategies for Success: Marketing Fast Track

Greeley, CO

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Registration Dates:

Through April 22nd : $40.00

Starting April 23rd : $50.00

Price includes breakfast, key note presentation, lunch, four training seminars and networking opportunities.

Join Zak Barron of Constant Contact, Chadd Bryant of Red Rocket Web Specialists, Kristi Melendez of Easy Chair Marketing and Don Overcash of Sandler Training for a day of innovative learning!

The East Colorado SBDC is proud to present the 2014 Strategies for Success event. This program is designed for business professionals from companies of all sizes in all industries. Dive into new marketing trends and learn about email & social marketing, SEO, revamping your brand, and how to improve your effectiveness.

Class 1: Grow your Business with Email and Social Media

Engage your audience. Marketing today is about engagement, and without understanding these fundamentals, your individual campaigns will not be as effective as they can be. Create marketing campaigns. You’ll learn the basic types of campaigns for the business results you hope to achieve and how to create content that reaches your audience and calls them to action. Discover the channels that matter. From email to your various social networks and platforms,there are a lot of ways to reach your intended audience. Learn the best practices so you can choose the best channel for each campaign, to create the greatest impact.

Class 2: Google’s New Rules

Are you frustrated because you’ve noticed a drop in your website’s rankings on Google over the past 6 months? Late last year, Google released their latest change to their ranking criteria since 2001. If yo’re concerned that your website isn’t getting the kind of traffic that it should, this workshop will explain Google’s new rules and walk you through the Top 10 factors that Google is paying attention to this year. You’ll discover: how to write enticing copy that also appeals to Google, two ways to get more people to click on your listing, and how to avoid being punished by Google ever again.

Class 3: Revamp Your Brand 2014

Join us and take away 6 key ideas to improving your brand and reaching customers in 2014! In this seminar you’ll find innovative ways to effectively target the right message to the right person at the right time. Topics included will be: emerging marketing trends for 2014, 2014 forecasts and marketing data, today’s consumer mindset and preferences, earning customer loyalty with mobile apps, best practices for today, and what’s wrong with staying statuesque.

Class 4: No Guts, No Gain! 

What’s holding you or your sales team back? This workshop will improve your effectiveness, strengthen your resolve, and inspire you to action. If you find yourself: blaming problems on the competition, the economy and bad luck, being fearful and tentative during prospecting and sales calls, baffled by what holds salespeople back from success, angry over accepting too many put offs and delays and never seem to get to the decision, frustrated over yesterday’s disappointments that keep you from enjoying tomorrow’s victories, then this seminar is for you!

For More Information about these Classes and the Presenters, 

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If you have any questions about the seminars, please call our office at 970-352-3661.  Hope to see you there!

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