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Progress on Goals

Progress on Goals

FINAL Sterling Report web

In recent years, numerous studies and reports have been done on what can be done to improve the local community, ranging from updating the Master Plan to studies of Sterling’s downtown district and highway gateways. The discussion was based on these reports, design concepts and recommendations derived from the work performed by Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Colorado State University and Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Downtown Inc., and the McCool Master Plan for the City of Sterling. The common thread of this work and today’s discussion centered on improving the quality of life, historic preservation, restoration and beautification of buildings and property, downtown building improvements, upgrading infrastructure, and funding and incentives. It is anticipated that there will be several action-oriented committees working on these areas.

The Chamber and the LCEDC believe that the visions identified in the reports can be achieved through organizational cooperation of the key entities involved in today’s meeting. A review of successful models in other communities is guiding the local leadership team. In the next 30 days, specific roles and responsibilities will be determined. This umbrella structure will coordinate the efforts of the indivual organizations and action committees. The group concurred that by working together and coordinating activities and goals around a common vision, the mission of community revitalization will be achieved.

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