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Newcomer Packets & 2016 Guidebook

Newcomer Packets & 2016 Guidebook

WordItOut-word-cloud-1635001We will be starting the process of reprinting the Guide Book “Key to Logan County” for 2016 very soon.
This information is very important to newcomers in our community. We email several hundreds of electronic copies as well as distribute to new comers to Logan County. New residents will value and read this Guide Book many times. If you would like to be in this year’s publication, please email me your ad via a jpeg. Don’t forget to add updated e-mails and websites to your ad as this is another thing that becomes very important to our newcomers when they are “searching” our community. Please feel free to call us with any additional questions that may not be in the material provided.

2016 “Key to Logan County Guide Book”


Front Cover: $600.00

Back Cover: $600.00

Inside front Cover Page: Full page $345.00
½ page $175.00

Back Inside Cover Page: Full page $345.00
½ page $175.00

Inside Booklet: Full page $275.00
½ page $150.00
¼ page $95.00

One Line Message: $50.00 (only if applicable)

Exclusive Listings in Guide Book are not available!

Thank you!

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