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New Chamber Member Benefit

New Chamber Member Benefit

We are very pleased to announce that the Logan County Chamber of Commerce has agreed to participate in a fully funded Pilot Program, the “Reverse Risk Project”, and as a result, have negotiated a NEW CHAMBER BENEFIT that is now available to all members. In that regard, we believe that this benefit is yet another example of our commitment to be a resource for our members, by making available programs and initiatives that help you to better manage your organizations, and grow your business!

At the top, we would like to be clear that this program is VOLUNTARY. In addition, there will be NO COST incurred by any member who chooses to take advantage of this opportunity, and your participation is GUARANTEED as a result of your membership in our Chamber.

Logan County Chamber has approved this program, knowing that the benefits of participation may far exceed your annual dues as a member of our Chamber…and given that, we heartily encourage your participation. It is also our belief that participation in this program will give you the tools and knowledge to make better hiring decisions, and provide you with the means to significantly improve the performance of every individual employee and manager within your existing organization.

So, what is this NEW CHAMBER BENEFIT all about? To get at that, please follow these THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

1. Watch this Program Announcement Video:
• Ctrl+click on the following link (takes approximately 4 minutes):
2. Interesting, right? Want more information?
• Ctrl+click on this link, and answer (10) easy questions ( 2-3 minutes):
3. Be sure to reference the “Logan County Chamber of Commerce” when question #1 asks how you were referred to this project (otherwise, the funds needed to implement this project for your organization will not be GUARANTEED)

Finally, now that you have completed their questionnaire, you will soon be contacted by a Representative from Greer Consulting, Inc., the company that is funding this program for our Chamber. So, save your questions, as they will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have at that time.
The Logan County Chamber of Commerce

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